Ticket Protection for the Attendee

Optional during checkout
Attendee peace of mind
Organizers increase sales

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What does this mean for my events and attendees?

Offer peace of mind for your attendees with FanShield ticket protection. When purchasers add optional Ticket Protection during checkout, they can get a refund for their order if they are unable to make it to the event for a covered reason. Ticket buyers get 100% of their money back, including all fees, taxes, and shipping charges. Event organizers keep 100% of their revenue while having the option to resell available inventory.

A Quick Glance at FanShield Ticket Protection

The live event experience is about creating lifelong memories. Unfortunately, some people are unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances such as sickness, work travel, military service, jury duty, transportation issues, or other covered reasons that could keep them from making it to the event. Big Tickets partnership with Protecht FanShield ensures those attendees are protected when problems arise by allowing them to cover the cost of their experience, guaranteeing they have no hesitation purchasing future tickets, continuing to make those lasting and meaningful memories.

Increase Ticket Sales

Catch ticket buyers who may be
on-the-fence or risk adverse purchasers. Provide peace-of-mind while knowing it won't affect your cash flow for the event.

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Reduce Cart Abandonment

Providing the option for purchase protection can help eliminate some of the reasons ticket buyers leave your purchase process before completing their order.

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Control Your Inventory

You are instantly updated on inventory, allowing you to release and resell tickets, leading to extra revenue for you.

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